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 Although the Regency only lasted from 1811 – 1820 it had a far reaching influence beyond those nine years influencing fashion, architecture and landscapes such as Winckley Square.
William Cross acquired the land in 1796 but what became Winckley Square  took some time to develop with houses being built on plots on the north side in 1804 numbers 1, 2 and 3 were  built in 1840, number 5 followed in 1854-5 and numbers 33 and 34 as late as 1898.

We shall see how the early layout of the square with private gardens came about and hear how this was influenced by people in Preston (Thomas Winckley, William Cross, Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood and Decimus Burton). The fate of the gardens in more recent times and the recent redesign of the square will be explored; the park ranger, Tony Lewis, will tell us about the plants which have been introduced and his ideas for new interest.

We shall then take a Regency promenade. Starting in Winckley Square we shall follow a walk described in 1821 thus:
Avenham Walk is frequented by beauty and fashion during the mornings and evenings in the season; and from whence a walk is newly formed, leading, in an elliptical direction, to Ribblesdale Place, and immediately through Chapel Street to Fishergate (going through the new Winckley Square).
Peter Whittle, History of the Borough of Preston, 1821.

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Wednesday 24th October - The Regency Legacy of Winckley Square (Preston)

Wednesday 28th November - Jacobs join and review. Whittle Le Woods


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Myerscough College July 2018
 Rode Hall June 2018
Rode Hall June 2018
Photos from the 10th Anniversary celebrations at Gresgarth Hall

Photos from the Leyland war Memorial visit


Thursday 6th June 2013
Launch of Historic Designed Landscape Report
©Gill Crook

HDL Launch - awaiting the first speaker
©Gill Crook

HDL Launch - Lunch is served 
©Gill Crook

HDL Launch - Tour of Lytham Hall gardens
©Gill Crook

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